Taking Care of Business (Cards)

“Do you have a business card?”  No... 


“Do you have a card?”  Sorry, I don’t but I’ll write my name and info on this coaster… 


“Do you have a business card?”  All right!  You get it.  You need a business card.  Apparently napkins, scraps of paper and text messages don’t cut it anymore if you want to be professional about dispensing your ideas, product and contact info to your target audience.


So, first step, a graphic designer is in order.  But who?  Perhaps you tried the Internet.  What’d you find?  Most likely a sea of choices. 

·        Run-of-the-mill stock designs at a low price? 

·        High-quality (and priced) creativity tailored to meet your specific vision?

Price vs. Quality?  Hmm…  Pretty standard consumer predicament.  Perhaps you’ve run into a similar dilemma selecting toilet paper.


So you mull it over and finally reason that, when it comes to designing something that will represent you long after the meeting is over, a high-quality, custom-tailored design is the way to go.


Other bloggers have come to the same conclusion, commenting satisfactorily on the benefits of a high-quality graphic design:

·        Grabs attention

·        Creates recall

·        Builds your image

·        Increases sales

·        Etc, Etc.


Allow me to throw in my two (actually four) cents to add to this already fine list of advantages:

·        Avoid a sea of up-charges

o   Cardholder, initialed pens, t-shirts… Stop it!  You don’t need this assault on your sensibilities (and wallet)

·        Personal care tailored to your needs

o   A personal relationship with your graphic designer (even via telephone) is a wonderful bridge to getting the masterpiece you’re envisioning realized

·        More creative possibilities

o   Filling in option fields on a website can be confining

§  The font choices are decent, but not what you really had in mind…

·        Quality

o   And yes quality.  Like virtually all other product choices that face us each day, you get what you pay for...

o   You’re worth it... Aren’t you?


There you have it.  Some compelling reasons to go with a quality, custom-shop graphic designer over the standard, cookie-cutter options found on most budget websites.  So, the next time someone asks you for your business card, you’ll have something that not only helps them remember you, but will also remind them who YOU really are.